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Family Time...

Location shoots are the perfect way to bring family together, it doesn’t have to be brothers, sisters, mums and dads, but it could cousins, aunties & uncles, grandmas & grandads.

If you can find the day that suits all and spare a couple of hours you can spend some quality time together and have a beautiful shoot done at the same time.

Stephanie arranged their daughters and grandkids to come and see dad/uncle chris as it was his birthday at Carr Bank Park and have a little picnic... what she failed to tell Chris is that I was turning up to do a photo shoot before the picnic!

Family cuddled up and posed in Carr Bank Park Mansfield
Family Photography - Time Well Spent

The weather was great, the kids were excited, we played some games and made the shoot as fun as possible to keep them entertained as you can loose children’s attention if they get bored

After sitting, standing and running about I left them to enjoy their picnic at Carr Bank Park.

Child crawling on the grass in Carr Bank Park Mansfield
Family Photography - Crawling Time

Within a few hours the images was ready to be previewed before choosing the images they loved and wanted to treasure for many years to come. Stephanie and Chris picked out the images they wanted and had these within a few days after editing them.

family holding hands walking in Carr Bank Park
Family Photography - Walk In The Park Mansfield

The pictures were delivered in a digital format which meant they could make as many prints as they wish, share them on social media or make beautiful wall art or if they didn’t want the hassle of that I could do this for them.

If you want to find out more about family location shoots visit

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