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Helloooo, I'm Jason

So photography all started out way back in 2010 when I purchased my first DSLR from Curry's Mansfield to capture the events when I was a mobile DJ. I had always wanted to be a DJ from the age of 12, I soon realised that doing this was fun, but not my true passion, it was the camera that got my attention and what I was able to do with it.

In 2012 I took my first payment for a photography job, in those 2 years of practice, trial and error and learning, I learnt a lot.

I got my first small studio in Hanley Arcade Mansfield, then moved to a new much bigger spot in Handley Arcade... maybe too big. A few years passed, and I rented an office at Ransom Wood Business Park. During this, I was in working in a large factory inspecting turbine blades for aircraft called TSLT, owned by Rolls Royce. 12-hour shifts, day & nights, 3 on 3 off, it killed me!


So in July 2018 I handed my notice in at my job and informed Ransom Wood Business Park I was leaving the park. With the help of a fantastic guy Martyn and a few friends, I was given the push, information and help needed to build a studio in my garden, it's so cosy and great for studio work, everyone says "This is amazing we need one of these at our house"


Since then I have survived the Covid Outbreak, no thanks to the government may I add! Being a part of an amazing network group called BNI I had so much support from these people in the group it gets me emotional talking about it. I am still a part of one of the largest network groups in the world "BNI" and have been made secretary-treasurer of our group to help manage the finances to keep the group going and schedule each member for their presentation and also manage the weekly meetings presentation. So it's great to know I have been tasked with important duties to help my chapter grow and generate business together.


Just before lockdown one of my best friends found an adorable puppy up for sale, I wanted a dog so bad but shift work wouldn't allow it, and this moment in time it was perfect. So in March 2019, I got Cooper, everyone's favourite American Akita, soft as shit but the most excitable and bouncy dog! Through lockdown, he gave me a reason to get up in the morning, of course, he wants his walks haha, but seriously having Cooper helped. Being a self-employed photographer working on my own and living on my own was the company I needed. One day I will have a family of my own to fill this empty space but until then, I want to make sure everyone has those special moments and photos with their families, help them celebrate their marriage, the family they have, the little bundle of joys that come into this big world in which we live in, and anything else I can capture to document life or the milestones people have reached in personal life or business.

Since going self-employed I have had more time to enjoy life, like hiking up Snowdon and Scafell, snowboarding in the French Alps, paddle boarding down rivers and canals or plodding around lakes, having weekend adventures away with what we refer to ourselves as "Rise Fam" (family of snowboarders that went to rise festival in the alps together). There is always a little stress running your own business but this helps to get away from that stress.


I have an amazing mum who lives over in the Isle of Man and my dad just 5 minutes up the road that has always supported me and believes in me and of course my friends that have supported me and saved my arse when something has gone wrong because let's face it, there is always something to go wrong!

My biggest thank you is to everyone who has booked a shoot with me, purchased something or given me the opportunity of a lifetime! It's to you all that my business is still here. If you know me I aim to give the best experience I can with everything I can give, if you don't know just ask anyone who does and they will tell you exactly what I'm like.

My studio is here for you to come and chat with me about capturing your memories, let me give you the information you need to go away and decide, I'm not a hard sell type person, I hate it and it's awkward. So if you would like me to help you capture those special memories or where your dreams have taken you, I would love to hear from you... 

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