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Wedding of Helen & Radek Szpila at Peak Edge Hotel, Chesterfield

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

This wedding left me on a high, right before we all got hit by the pandemic! Covid 19 came upon us in the blink of an eye and put weddings to a halt... well actually put the world to a halt! However I couldn't image a better wedding to finish on until weddings come back again.

Helen & Radek approached me after being recommended by two of their friends who's wedding I also photographed, Zoe & Nick Woods. at Forever Green Ransom Woods, Mansfield. After a discussion over the phone and some back and forth messages about what Helen & Radek was after I was able to provide them a wedding package to suit their needs. We got the booking created, contracts signed and deposits were paid to secure their wedding date!

As the wedding day of Helen & Radek got closer I had a list of tasks to undertake that was needed to be done by myself and a few things I needed from Helen & Radek. I kept in touch with Helen & Radek right up until their special day.

The wedding day was here, after a early morning start to double check my equipment I had packed the night before was complete, charged and ready to roll I set off to meet the soon be Mr & Mrs Radek!

Upon meeting Radek in the bar (where you will usually find the groom, best man and wedding guests) he was looking an absolute gent, he didn't seem nervous at all but i'm pretty sure his heart was racing. Radek introduced me to the best man and guests, making sure they was all aware I was the photographer not that you couldn't tell. We all had a quick chat and laugh and then I prepared the cameras ready to start shooting.

Skipping ahead, all the guest was called for and seated in the stunning ceremony room, it was well stout and lots of light from the windows and door overlooking fields, Peak Edge Hotel have a fantastic ceremony room I must say. Radek stood patiently waiting for Helen to walk down the isle, but first of all came the 2 flower girls, your heart could melt watching them as they came down they was beautiful.

Now it was time for Helen to make her grand entrance, the moment we was all waiting for to see Helen in her wedding dress, but mostly Radek was the one waiting to see his wife to be!

Helen finally walked through the door so happy with a huge smile on her face. She made her way down the isle to Radek so they could say their vows, exchange rings and have their firsts kiss!

Finally married! Officially Husband & Wife, Mr & Mrs Szpila left the room just as much in love as before if not in more love, their faces beaming with smiles and everyone clapping and cheering them ready to celebrate the rest of the day....

With waiters and waitresses at the ready with drinks and platters of food, which kept the guests rather entertained. I then got prepared to go outdoors and got my pre typed list of group shots I had to capture as well as any candid shots too... mean while feast your eyes on this food photo, but don't blame me if you get hungry!

After the guest was fed and watered for now we cracked on with the group shots, it was a little chilly outside so with the list in hand and my polite outside voice, everyone knew who was needed and where. It was a cloudy day so their was no harsh lights to contend with and no squinting, however if it was bright I have experience with this and tips to deal with it so it wouldn't have been a problem. Well group photos were done in a jiffy and everyone enjoyed cheering as loud as they could for the whole of the Peak District to hear, we sent the guest back inside and spent a bit of time getting a few beautiful shots of Mr & Mrs Szpila!

We soon got everyone back inside for the sit down meal of the day where a bottle of wine and vodka was placed on every table followed by a 3 course meal, I can or can not say if I had a shot of vodka with them but either way they was very much encouraging to do so haha! The speeches soon followed and a few laughs were had and a few tears shed but overall it was a lovely moment to be in, whilst waiting for the evening reception begin I made sure to get some natural candid snaps.

Then its time at PAR-TAY! This crazy bunch needed no encouragement after the bottles of vodka and wine had been drunk! Upon welcoming Mr & Mrs Szpila into the room they had a wonderful singer to the mood whilst evening guests arrived and everyone gets settled. Helen & Radek took to the floor for their first dance, lit by a huge chandelier and a chosen song sung by the singer. The evening entertainment consisted of our very own Magic Mirror Photo Booth, DJ and some games the guests had in mind, in which one was to walk a full run off laid out lego bricks! I think someone had the idea to give people practice to be less surprised when standing on lego bricks being left around if you get m wink wink!

Overall what an amazing day, and all done in the brink of time before the big lockdown!

I was happy to present Helen & Radek with a personalised leather USB case with all their beautiful images fully edited for them to share with the world!

Thank you Helen & Radek for choosing me to photograph your amazing and momentous wedding, your guests were lovely and got me involved also, you both looked stunning and very happy!

Since the day you got married i'm glad we have kept in touch, I've also had the pleasure to help you photograph your quirky camper project and you even invited me along to a BBQ with friends which was delicious!

Thank you again and congratulations, won't be too long till your anniversary!

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