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Wedding of Marie & Sean at The John Fretwell Sporting Complex

Just another 30-degree wedding

Marie & Sean had their beautiful wedding on one of the hottest days of this year so far, but Marie is literally a sun worshiper and she wouldn't have had it any other way!

Located at The John Fretwell Sporting Complex

Wedding Decor by Touch of Charm

Hair Stylist - S&S House of Hair

Dress by

Suit by

Photo Booth Magic Mirror - The Photo Booth Mansfield

DJ - Playback Events

(Suppliers you are welcome to save these images providing the logo is showing or credited, let's share the love and help each other)

9:30am Saturday 10th June 2023 is when the day started, I walked into to Marie's home where she was getting ready. I was treated by lovely and pleasant bridesmaids, hair and makeup and of course Marie who wasn't even ready but still looked fabulous! When asked if I wanted a drink I went for the water option.... well Marie wasn't having any of that and I was soon part of the gang having a champers haha!

But before she got into her dress she had to feed her 4 rabbits.... no sorry 3!

Marie pictured below filling up said rabbit's water bottles.

However, look how fabulous Marie looks in her dress with the flowers that the amazing team at Touch of Charm put together.

I then quickly shot off to the John Fretwell Centre as we were slightly running behind where I met Sean and all his best men. Lads I don't know how you coped in those suits in that heat but hats off to you all!

When Marie arrived it was go time, bridesmaids knew their order to walk down, and the John Fretwell team sent them in on cue to make sure it went as smoothly and in order as possible.

Then it was time for Marie's son to walk her down the Isle.. He did a fantastic job, what a gent. One of the bridesmaids and a guest did beautiful readings for Marie & Sean which created a few tears, especially the younger ones.

I included the confetti shot here even though we did this later in the day when it cooled down as the ceremony was a bit warm so I wanted the guest to chill and have a drink so they didn't get grumpy with me later haha!

So whilst the guests was enjoying a beverage or two and a few of them watching cricket I took Marie & Sean along with bridesmaids, best men and flower girls to part of the field out the way for a few photos... way!

Kelly's team at Touch of Charm did a fantastic job of the room and that cake looked delicious! Yes, I was eyeing this up when they had cut it up for the guests later on that evening and I thought I'd try a little slither and nobody saw me muhahahahaaaa! Anyway going off track! Cake maker well done!

As time was ticking and food was ready to served it was bums on seats and trying to get Marie & Sean out that sun to be welcomed in... Told you, sun worshiper haha.

However, introducing the newlyweds Mr & Mrs Gorey!!!!!

Speeeeccchhhh! You know it's time for speeches after food, after I had my healthy snacks and shake followed by a gallon of water I was ready to shoot again... ra ta ta ta ta ta! That's the camera shutter clicking away, moving on to speeches done by Father of the Bride, Marie & Sean and finished off by Best Man.

Now you may have thought I forgot about the group photo... Nope, we were just waiting for the cricket to end so we could have the field, but unfortunately, it hadn't so back to the field we used earlier. I wanted to use the front of the John Fretwell Centre but the sun was way too bright for the guests. Thinking about it have you seen how many turned up? I don't think they would have all fit!

So... not seen this done in a while and most don't want to throw their bouquet however Marie had no hesitation... Ladies stand your ground, stretch those arms and focus, that bouquet is coming your way in 3, 2, 1, Catch!!!

Let's just take a moment to appreciate Marie's beautiful dress and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!

One thing I love about The John Fretwell Centre is the scoring board for cricket. If no games are on of course they can set your wedding date on the board, it's great for a photo opportunity so just ask Callum nicely. The bankings are great if you have an amazing sky, I got Marie & Sean to stand on the banking and I looked up at them from the bottom keeping some grass in but having a clear blue sky, keeping out everything along the horizon.

As we moved on through the day it was time to slice that cake up! Why do we get excited over cake.... or is that just me? Either way, another beautiful cake was made by a guest at the wedding.

Everyone surrounded Marie & Sean as they took the dance floor, they chose Lewis Capaldi - Pointless, such a beautiful song for a first dance and they both looked stunning on the light-up dance floor. Richard then soon got everyone to sing along and dance along to songs that really get the crowd going! It was great to see everyone also getting in on the fun using the Magic Mirror from The Photo Booth Mansfield

As my evening came to an end to let them celebrate I'm going to finish this blog post with an image I love of Marie & Sean and that gorgeous sun in the background. Holding hands and creating a heart that's going to last forever, these are both like 2 peas in a pod and absolutely made for each other and I want to wish them all the best!

If you are reading this at home, at work (don't worry I won't tell the boss) or in the beer garden with this amazing summer weather raise your cuppa tea, pint, gin, Prosecco or whatever you are drinking and join me congratulating the new Mr & Mrs Gorey!

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